Advisory Board

Andreas Lehnhofer, MBA, AMC
Chairman of the Board

Our advisory board is a respected group of local business professionals who assist AMC Global Consulting.

Dr. Andrea Daniel

Our Educational Advisor, her background is in Economics and Education. She operates a technical College as an executive.

Alesia Burch, CPA

Our Financial Advisor, her background is in finance, accounting, and tax. She operates a very successful Public Accounting firm.

David Cuda

Our real estate advisor, he is a director of corporate services for an international real estate firm.

Klaus Westerwelle

Our international Sales and Marketing Advisor has been supporting and consulting  international companies.  He operates a very successful consulting firm.

Josef Fellhofer

Our Logistics Advisor, his background is in logistic management, he operates a Global Logistics firm as an executive.

Alfred Rak

Our Industry Advisor, he operated a number of companies worldwide, he leads a top tier International Manufacturer as an executive.

Sam Moses

Our Legal Advisor, he is a partner and lawyer of an international law firm, he operates on an international platform.

Bill Joslin

Our Architectural Advisor, he is an architect and associate principal of a leading architectural design firm; he is director of industrial and international projects for the firm.