Site Selection

AMC Global Consulting assists international companies with the site selection process and interim management to locate their manufacturing operations in the Southeast region of the United States. Locating and starting a manufacturing site can be very challenging; we advise, manage, and consult while utilizing our coordinated process.
phase 1
Community Evaluation
AMC Global Consulting has developed a very detailed site selection process flow. This step-by-step guide provides you with an overview of our philosophy. 
Project Set-Up
Define Project Criteria
Client Confidentiality
Community Evaluation and Summary
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  • Legal, financial, and market considerations
  • Land requirements for initial project and future expansions
  • Utility requirements, water, sewer, gas, electricity; current and future
  • Workforce requirements; skilled technical labor, training strategies, and requirements
  • Recurring costs; state and local taxes, wages, payroll taxes, utilities
  • Logistics; local and international airports and required service level
  • Quality of life and cost of living
  • Cost of construction
phase 2
Site Search and Analysis Process
AMC Global Consulting provides you with a lean step-by-step guide for a more Strategic Site Selection Approach.
Real Estate Search
Proposals From Listed Communities
Site Due Diligence
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  • Legal, title review, environmental issues
  • Real estate analysis, site assessment, acquisition strategy
  • Architecture & Engineering, site plan of proposed building layout & square footage on each site option
  • Zoning and Permitting Process Timeline
  • Utility Service Analysis
  • Impervious cover restrictions, landscaping options / restrictions, Easements issues affecting site planning
  • Water Rights & Usage
  • Transportation Issues
phase 3
Negotiation and Final Process
AMC Global Consulting has the needed experience in negotiating  and securing incentives packages.
Incentives Negotiations
Site Acquisition and
Project Announcement
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  • Incentives Negotiation
  • Job Training Tax Credit
  • State Income Tax Credit
  • Cash grant from deal closing fund – At governor’s discretion
  • Rewrite of state depreciation schedule for unique asset
  • Construction planning with selected general contractors
AMC Global Consulting has the needed experience in negotiating  and securing incentives packages.
community Evaluation
Phase 1
Site Analysis
Phase 2
Negotiation and final
Phase 3
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Phase 1 – Community Evaluation Process
Total Estimated Time (5 weeks)

Phase 2 – Site Analysis Process
Total Estimated Time (14 weeks)
The timeline during Phases 1 and 2 can change based upon the following:
Project complexity
Client availability, preferences, and priorities

Phase 3 – Negotiation and Final Process
Total Estimated Time (7 weeks)

The length of time for incentive negotiations varies by political jurisdiction, project details, and the scope and scale of the  local governing structure, authority levels, and public hearing requirements can stretch final approval. AMC Global Consulting has the needed experience to assist in this process.

Site Selection By Air
Site selection on a different level.
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Site selection options are usually presented on paper with drawings and a view from the ground. AMC Global Consulting presents all sites of interest with a detail video clip, showing the properties or industrial real estate buildings from the air for our clients. 

We believe that it will be a more comprehensive way to learn about a site and the infrastructure surrounding.

We are also able to monitor your entire construction progress by air, as a better way to share the activities with your other team members.

If you have the need to make a video of your existing manufacturing site or Institution from the air, we have the experience to assist you with your business needs.